L:51.85km SS-1:252.29km L:4.91km SS-2:238.51km L:31.22km TOTAL:578.78km

「Regarding G.H.Mumm Grand Corodn」

In July 1907, end of Ching dynasty, beginning of upheaval of twentieth, automobile race from Beijing to Paris took place.
There were only 5 cars. The prize was a G.H.Mumm Grand Corodn. One Comtal with French driver went missing. Comtal has only 6 HP and single cylinder. Dying driver was rescued, but Comtal has buried in the sand for 116 years. While at the same time this champagne has been producing. This champagne will be award to stage winner of the day. Heading Gobi to remind memories of adventure again.


L:35.87km SS-1:305.03km L:0.71km SS-2:286.58km L:29.28km TOTAL:657.47km

「Where is Comtal?」

116 years ago, end of Ching dynasty, China was rapidly relegated among the Great Power of the world, Now, awaken from a 100-year sleep, China is attacking for underground resources on Gobi Desert. There is no load around where Comtal has buried. At that time goods transported by horse wagon shifted to by railroad, then road started to be disappeared from the world.
You widely go around South Gobi searching for a Comtal and you see China is attacking for resources. You may find endangered animal called Equus hemionus.
This is a land of vacuum nothing has changed since Beijing-Paris Rally a century ago.


L:36.14km SS:241.00km L:24.92km TOTAL:302.06km

「Searching for a legendary dune on Rally raid Mongolia 1995」

Loop course again. It is a journey going around dune of South Gobi where we searched for Comtal 28 years ago.
Starting from Khamriin khiid Temple, world famous spiritual place. There are rare metals underground. Though it is a typical sightseeing spot, enjoy the place you rarely come and revitalize yourself.
Dune on Gobi is alive. Legendary dune many entrants retired from race is now changed to hill covered in grass. Still sand is deep and tough.


L:148.14km SS-1:275.64km L:11.74km SS-2:195.52km L:19.10km TOTAL:650.14km

「Go Northwest」

Leaving behind Gobi, heading to grassland. You may exhausted so keep yourself hydrated and the sodium balance. It is also a long journey day, 650km ride including liaison. But most of piste is what we call Gobi Highway with turnaround point so you can enjoy the charm of Rally Mongolia.
The elevation of today’s campsite is at 1450m, temperature will be nice. This is the first time to come here. It is filled with fresh atmosphere.


SS-1:257.60km L:9.21km SS-2:292.94km L:21.68km TOTAL:581.43km

「Gobi Ring Wandering, Temple floating on the lake」

Since Genghis Khan was struggling for supremacy on the grassland, Central Gobi has constantly a lot of greenery and nomadic lives.
Today is a loop course going around Gobi. Still there is consecutively high-speed Gobi Highway. All you have to do is to control and push yourself to get driver’s high you have never experienced before. Enriched day is waiting for you. Lot of greenery, historic view, and even think about human nature.
After looking at some temples and ruins, you finish at small village where temple is floating on the lake. It is a purpose of this Etap to see the temple dyed with the sunset glow.
Go through along the lake and back to campsite, the sky filled with stars awaits you.


SS-1:223.84km L:2.68km SS-2:249.24km L:21.19km TOTAL:496.95km

「Sand and Green Corridor」

SS starts from campsite. Then go west and west. Lot of piste, sand, and green corridor remind you several previous rally. There is an abundant greenery. You find a joy to ride from such continuous variation.
Campsite is on the rock hills. Looking back your journey, you finish line to the last camp.


L:45.13km S:249.45km L:22.12km P:4.13km TOTAL:320.83km

「Victory drive to Ulaanbaatar」

The road from west to Ulaanbaatar is now paved, but there is also a old road or old pass.
We take old one to return to Ulaanbaatar. It is hard to find piste as some places are deserted. CAP is required.
Cross a mountain, you come across the mystical world.
You find your long-sought dream come true after going a mountain ridge and finish line to big Ovoo. Route book says BRAVOOOOO! At the same time that means you back to reality or fly down to the present day from the time travel.
One less Etap, total distance of SS is more than 3000km.
Tough and hard competition on the sand is now sublimated.